Biosensing and bioadhesion:

Attachment of bacteria to the surface of biomaterials or mammalian cells often leads to infection. We are developing new approaches for prevention of cell attachment to these surfaces. Our work on bioadhesion and biofilm formation is also important in the protection of drinking water resources and prevention of biocorrosion in industrial processes. We are also developing novel diagnostics (biosensors) to detect changes in cell health. Our team is working on:

  • Bacterial adhesion to biomaterials and membranes for water treatment
  • Phage-functionalized materials for bacterial capture and inactivation (bioactive surfaces)
  • Electrochemical approaches to prevent bioadhesion and biofilm formation (collaboration with Prof. Omanovic)
  • Supported lipid bilayers as model cell membranes
  • QCM-D for medical biosensing