The lab group in summer of 2019

The lab group in summer of 2019

The team in summer of 2018

The team in summer of 2018

JOin our Team:

The interdisciplinary nature of our research provides students with the relevant experience to work in several strategic areas of engineering and applied sciences, including emerging fields in the nano-sciences and biomedical sciences.

Examples of projects available to new Masters or PhD students include:

  • Microplastic and nanoplastic pollution

  • Understanding mechanisms of nanoparticle toxicity at the molecular and whole organism levels

  • Designing a point of use water filtration system for developing countries

  • Identifying the potential antimicrobial action of natural plant and berry derivatives

  • Developing and testing bioactive antimicrobial materials for biomedical and environmental applications

To Potential graduate students:

- At this moment, we do not have any open graduate student positions -

Highly qualified and motivated students interested in pursuing a PhD or M.Eng degree in one of our research areas are encouraged to contact Prof. Tufenkji (

Prestigious fellowships are available for outstanding candidates and in certain cases projects may involve collaboration with researchers at other institutions (e.g. Universite de Montreal, Waterloo, University of Vienna, and Institut national de la recherche scientifique) or in other departments at McGill (e.g. Medicine, Civil Engineering, Parasitology, or Bioresource Engineering). We also offer the opportunity to carry out an internship during the graduate degree.

Details regarding the McGill Chemical Engineering program can be found here.

To Potential Undergraduate and visiting researchers:

Opportunities exist for undergraduate students in Engineering or Science to pursue a research project course in our laboratory. We also host international graduate students on an ad-hoc basis. Interested students are encouraged to contact Prof. Tufenkji (